NLS Name to Change October 1

NLS banner image with phrase, "That All May Read"

NLS is pleased to announce final approval from the Librarian of Congress to change its name. This move will help address the use of outdated language in the current name and more clearly communicate the breadth of those served. Beginning on October 1, the name will change officially to “National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled,” though the agency will continue to be referred to by the abbreviation NLS.

Both NLS and Library of Congress sought input on this change from stakeholder groups and gathered data through various public channels. In keeping with the strategic plan of the LOC, the new name is patron-centric. Visit to learn more about the Library’s “user-centered” goal in the strategic plan.

NLS has already taken the first steps in the name-change implementation plan to ensure the transition goes smoothly. If you have questions or concerns about the name change, please feel free to contact NLS. 

For more information, please contact:

Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division,