Asian/Pacific Heritage Month Reading List

In May of 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week into law to be celebrated in the first ten days of May. The first Japanese immigrants came to the United States on May 7, 1843, and to recognize the contributions of Chinese workers for the transcontinental railroad, which was completed on May 10, 1869. It expanded to a full month long celebration in 1992, and the name changed to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2009. AAPI Heritage Month celebrates the lives and contributions of those from a diverse and fast-growing population of 23 million Americans that includes roughly 50 ethnic groups with roots in more than 40 countries.

Cover of Pride, Prejudice, and other Flavors

Pride, Prejudice, and other Flavors

Sonali Dev

Dr. Trisha Raje is San Francisco's most acclaimed neurosurgeon, but nothing she does seems to be enough for her influential Indian American family. Chef DJ Caine has met people like the Rajes before, and his pride clashes with Trisha's arrogance. Too bad they need each other. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2019.

Book Length: 15 hours, 10 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB095480

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Cover of Making of Asian America: A History

Making of Asian America: A History

Erika Lee

Historian, and the granddaughter of Chinese immigrants, explores the history of Asian immigration to the United States. Discusses ethnic strongholds such as Chinatown in San Francisco and Japantown in Seattle, social organizations formed to ease transition, and laws created to prevent full integration into American society. 2015 

Book Length: 17 hours, 7 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB082946

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Cover of The Last Story of Mina Lee

The Last Story of Mina Lee

Nancy Jooyoun Kim

When twenty-six-year-old Margot Lee arrives at her childhood apartment in Koreatown, LA, she finds that her mother, Mina, has suspiciously died. This sends Margot digging through the past, unraveling the strings that held together her single mother's life as a Korean War orphan and an undocumented immigrant. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2020.

Book Length: 10 hours, 46 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB103638

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Cover of Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

Kevin Kwan

Nicholas Young brings his girlfriend Rachel Chu home to Singapore to meet his wealthy family. But Rachel finds herself unable to cope with his rich and spiteful relatives--especially his mother. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013. 

Book Length: 14 hours, 9 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB077099

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Cover of When You Trap a Tiger

When You Trap a Tiger

Tae Keller

When Lily, her sister Sam, and their mother move in with her sick grandmother, Lily traps a tiger and makes a deal with him to heal Halmoni. Commercial audiobook. For grades 3-6. 2020.

Book Length: 7 hours, 24 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB099005

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Cover of Crying in J Mart: A Memoir

Crying in J Mart: A Memoir

Michelle Zauner

The author reflects on her experiences growing up Korean American, struggling with expectations, meeting her husband, and losing her mother to cancer. She also discusses her journey to forge her own identity and claim the taste, language, and history left to her by her mother. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2021.

Book Length: 7 hours, 26 minutes
Digital Book Number: DB103413

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