About Talking Book Services

Talking Book Services is a free library service from the South Carolina State Library for anyone who has a visual, physical, or print disability that prevents them from holding or reading normal print books.

South Carolina Talking Book Services functions as a regional library of the National Library for the Blind and Print Disabled.

This free library program brings reading materials in digital audio and braille formats straight to the homes of patrons from preschoolers to centenarians. Books on digital cartridge, digital talking-book players, and braille books are sent to patrons via the U.S. mail at no cost to users. People who sign up with the program also have the option of downloading books and magazines over the internet to their personal devices in audio or braille format.

First, I want to thank you for the incredible service you provide for the residents of South Carolina… including my 89 year old grandmother who takes advantage of your digital audiobooks. She enjoys the service beyond words I could use to describe, but you may already know this if you check the call logs! She is quick to call if she doesn’t have books to which she can listen.

- Patron Testimonial