Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use Talking Book Services?

Any resident of South Carolina who is blind, visually impaired, physically unable to hold or turn pages in a book, or who has an organic reading disability such as dyslexia. South Carolina agencies providing services to those who have such disabilities are also eligible.

Visit Eligibility for more information.

How do I apply for Talking Book Services?

You must submit a completed application signed by a certifying authority such as a physician, licensed social worker, therapist, etc. (see Eligibility for a full list of certifying authorities or Contact Us for more information).

To apply, visit the Apply page for an application and additional information.

What is available from Talking Book Services?

Talking book services maintains a large collection of materials including:

  • Fiction and non-fiction including authors, betssellers, biographies, etc. All available in digital audio, large print, or braille.
  • Descriptive audio (audio descriptions of action, costumes, etc.) videos on DVD.
  • Popular magazines in audio.
  • Free equipment for playhing audio (necessary because of specialized encryption).
  • Free access to downloadable books in audio and braille.
  • In-house assistive technology such as magnifiers and text to speech devices.
  • Toll-free phone numbers and access to staff 5 days a week.

View the Collections page for further details on our collection and equipment available.

Is there a charge for Talking Book Services?

All services are free of charge.

How do I search for titles

These sources provide access to tiles in the collection:

How do I use TBS Bookshelf?


 View additional instructions on how to operate Bookshelf.

What about services for children?

The same types of materials available for adults are available to children but at younger reading levels. We also encourage children to participate in local library summer reading clubs using our materials.

Materials include:

  • Audio, braille, and large print books.
  • Fiction and non-fiction for pre-school through junior-high level.
  • Young adults may borrow from the adult collection.
  • Described videos.
  • Summer reading program for children and young adults.

How are materials and equipment delivered?

All materials are sent via U.S. Postal Service as free matter for the blind and physically handicapped. No postage is required.

Books are loaned for 30 days and videos for 5 days.

All equipment is kept for the duration of service.

No fines or fees are ever charged.

Visit our Policies page for more information.